Improving Scholastic Experience in Children

Brian Gale // 10-19-2022

Students teaching students.

How can the instructional needs of both ends of the “good student continuum” be simultaneously met in the public school setting?

Traditionally we have segregated, first by age (grade level), then by intelligence; quick class, medium class, slower class. This segregation method has some advantages, and disadvantages. I’ll state some that occure to me, please add if there are others you think of.



To begin with, we must recognize that there actually is a continuum of scholastic success. Every single child is located on that continuum somewhere. Let’s say that the primary aims of publicly funded education are to: First, help every child approach a certain level of education, meet standards. And second, help every child progress toward their ultimate individual capacity.

How can our current system be modified to better meet these two aims?

What if, rather than separating the classes by learning quickness, we sort the classes by comprehension, then provide the quicker kids with special, extra curricular, teacher training, and allow them to assist in the instruction of the slower kids. This will provide additional, invaluable, experiences to the quicker kids. Anyone who has ever taught anything knows how much additional understanding is obtained through explaining concepts to others. This will also provide tremendously more assistance to the slower kids. Slower kids get more resources, quicker gets get more understanding, teacher’s class moves quicker and engages all children better, win-win-win!

  • Now this will require a different approach by our teachers, but they are so skilled and experienced, I’m sure they can easily make the changes. In fact I’d be really surprised if there were any of our highly competent teachers who wouldn’t love to aid in the development of this different approach.
  • Please respond. Help me see what I’m missing. Build it up, tear it down. The cheapest, easiest way to ensure that our kids get the greatest education possible is to hash things out now, in the idea phase.
  • What do you think?

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